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CLMG-7208 Dichroscope,Calcite DichroscopeCLMG-7208 Dichroscope,Calcite Dichroscope

CLMG-7208 Dichroscope,Calcite Dichroscope

  • Specifications:
  • Type: calcite
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Length: 60mm
  • Body: Metal
CLMG-7208 Dichroscope,Calcite Dichroscope

Basically CLMG-7208 Calcite Dichroscope is a tool that lets you view the different colors of a dichroic piece of rough. It shows whether or not a stone is dichroic (reflects 2 colors). This can be helpful in differentiating stones of the same color from one another. Dichroscopes can be useful with identifying gemstones that are still in the rough and when stones are set and difficult to get to with other instruments. Light entering the dichroscope is broken into two polarized rays that have vibrational directions at right angles to each other. The two images in the dichroscope represent the polarized light and the pleochroic colors signifies doubly refractive stones except if the stone is viewed thru the optic axis. Single color in the dichroscope represents singly refractive stones. There are several different types of Dichroscopes, but the most common type is one made with Calcite. It is used by most people for identifying whether a piece of rough is dichroic.
The advantage of the dichroscope is that the two pleochroic colors that may be characteristic of a given direction in a doubly-refractive gem are seen side by side. If no dichroism is identified in the first assessment, the stone can be turned and viewed in other directions. Trichroic stones like Andalusite will show all three, just two at a time while you rotate the rough, you will see three colors. Trichroic gems can also be distinguish and will reveal three colors if the stone is viewed in three directions perpendicular to each other.

It is an ideal tool for getting a good idea of how the color(s) on a piece of rough are going to look in a finished gemstone.

Key Features:
HEAVY DUTY, Durable, reliable and made by professional craftsmen 
Shows dichroism of a gemstone/rough 
Tells what the true colors are on each axis actually look like separately  
Orientate for axis and color 
Get a good idea of what the colors will look like when mixed in the cut stone  
Get a good quick identification of a piece of rough.

Type: calcite
Diameter: 15mm
Length: 60mm
Body: Metal
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