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Four Key Points for Studying

  • Author:Doreen
  • Release on:2015-03-19
Today our WALCOM has the training.The teacher mentioned four key points for studying, which I think it is very reasonable.

Firstly:       Never listening even if somebody tell you. 
Secondly: Never believing even if you say yes. 
Thirdly:     Never action even if you believe 
Fourthly:   Never insist even if you take the action. 

In my life, I always listen whoever say something, but I will choose to believe what I think it is right.
If I believe it is right, I will try to take the action to see whether it is really right. In the end , it will show that some ways are right, some ways are wrong.  After that, I will insist to do what is right. 
I feel I am not clear at all, but I want to insist something which I think it is right. As I have the dream to realize it is right and make the dream come true !  

WALCOM dream is to be 100 years leading company which customers depand on and team love it!  This is what we must insist it !