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New Product:EVM35 3.5" LCD 2X-32X Low Vision Portable Digital Video Magnifier

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2015-04-13
New Product
EVM35 3.5" LCD 2X-32X Low Vision Portable Digital Video Magnifier.
Aidnear Portable Digital Eyesightaiding Device is a full color digital&optical magnified device ,It adopts our own hardware /software platform with self owned intellectual property rights ,It provides nearly 10 times magnified image on3.5” screen with high definition and high contrast,Except the full color mode ,it also provides black and white mode ,You can enjoy the incomparable and joyful 。
Welcome to our website for more detail information,the product is different from the traditional magnifier,and it is very suitable for the weak sight population especially with amblyopia and presbyopia.