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Good news

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2014-12-08
Customers and friends:
Wellcom to our Website,now we are organizing a big promotion,promotion deadline is 31th ,DEC.2014.There are many goods and models,including mini microscope ,hearing aid ,ultrasonic thickness meter,diamond tester and jewelry loups.
For hearing aids, we strongly recommend the RS13A and EP059.

EP05P programming Digital BTE Hearing Aid


1) 2 fully digital programmable channels 
2) WDRC with fully automatic volume control 
3) Linear to WDRC compression optional 
4) Acoustic feedback suppression 
5) Two Independent memories 
6) Open DSP platform and optimum target gain display 
7) MPO control 
8) Memory switch and low battery indicator 
9) Low battery consumption 
10) Latest electric magnetic technology adopted for phone compatibility 
11) Automatic noise control function, good for various noisy environments 
12) Super power available for moderate to profound hearing losses 
13) Telecoil input (only for MY675) 
For more information,please contact us in www.meter8.com or call us !