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86th China Electronics Fair 2015 (Shanghai) Instrument Exhibition

  • Author:Doreen
  • Release on:2015-04-23

October 2015
China ,Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Hall W3
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About China Electronics Fair

Authoritative comprehensive professional Electronics Show. Began in 1964, is China's oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition. Leading to the foundation of electronic technology to promote China's electronics industry, innovation, and grow together with the Chinese electronics industry.

Sound strategic layout. Spring and autumn with the layout in South - Midwest - East, the annual exhibition scale reached 180,000 square meters, to serve 3C, industrial and defense applications such as industry, to help you fully develop the Chinese market, and win more business opportunities.

A high degree of international influence. One of the five members of the Asian electronics exhibition Union (AEECC), and the Japan Electronics Show (CEATECJAPAN), Korea Electronics Show (KES), Taiwan Electronics Show (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HKElectronicsFair) and known as the five Asian Electronics Show.

About ICChina

After 12 years of development, has become a domestic semiconductor industry event has a certain influence. "ICChina" is engaged in IC design, chip processing, packaging and testing, semiconductor equipment, semiconductor-specific materials, semiconductor discrete devices overseas manufacturers, enterprises and institutions to build a showcase latest achievements, build brand platform. And the focus of industrial policy interpretation, covers Summit and Symposium "institutional innovation, model innovation, technological innovation," etc., and the industry has an excellent reputation and visibility.

About Asian Electronics Show

Since 2004 held the first has been to rely on a strong market demand, has now grown into China and the Asia-class electronic and IT class exhibition. By Asia's largest IT class five electronic organizer jointly organized the exhibition. Five strong together, to ensure that the size and content of the show in a more perfect. In addition to the Chinese mainland, a high degree of international exhibitors from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Europe and other countries show.

About Smart Auto Show

The exhibition will be "cross-growing automotive evolution and experience science and technology, fashion party" as its theme, showcasing new models in the field of smart cars and new products. Exhibition will introduce the fashion element, concept development experience more focused audience, strengthening interaction, the first city in China to build more experience Shanghai, more contact, more exciting automotive technology carnival.

Industry Description
2014 is a key year for the national implementation of the "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan in the country as well as the rapid development of emerging industries continue to promote the upgrading of traditional industries policy, China's electronic information industry market ushered in a new development opportunities. Government Work Report, Premier Li Keqiang made during the two sessions this year, the information made a number of recommendations which clearly stated, "the establishment of new industries entrepreneurial innovation platform, a new generation of mobile communications, integrated circuits, big data, advanced manufacturing, new energy, new catch up with advanced materials and other aspects, to lead the future industrial development. "In the process of upgrading the information industry, the development of instrumentation industry play important role in China, more and more instrumentation equipment on the international market arena, and have joined the ranks of international competition. Last year, the instrumentation industry in the relatively strong performance of the export trade. Exports, 2013 industrial automation, instrumentation systems, electronic measuring instruments, testing machines, laboratory analytical instruments, medical equipment and other export growth in more than 40% of exports in the past little industrial automation instruments, electronic measuring instruments, such as the increases are 76.9 % and 104.5%. Imports in recent years, China's annual value of the equipment imported from abroad advanced equipment are more than 500 billion yuan.

Instrument Exhibition
Instrumentation exhibition advantage as China Electronics Fair exhibition, each exhibition brings together nearly 200 exhibitors instrumentation, display area of ??10,000 square meters, the previous show attracted Agilent, LeCroy, Tektronix, Fluke, National Instruments, FLIR, Ai law Addis too, ITECH, Germany Rohde & Schwarz, Rosenberg, Testo, Germany Netzsch, Japan Kyoritsu, Hioki, Yokogawa, Kikusui, Anritsu, Advantest, Instek, CLP 41, Pan-China and control, Rigol, TT & C, the number of British instrument, with the benefits, Hangzhou distance, Nanjing Changsheng, Youlide, CEPREI Laboratory, Shenzhen Institute of Metrology, Quality Inspection and other industry leaders, let the audience for the first time learn about the latest industry developments and advanced technology, instrumentation industry is recognized as a quality display platform, is a recognized brand exhibition.

International Electronic Test & Measurement Symposium held at the same forum has been successfully held twentieth topics covered include wireless communications, microwave radio, automotive electronics testing, instrumentation device selection, EMC electromagnetic compatibility.

Exhibition setting:

Equipment Museum: electronics and communications equipment, electrical instrumentation, environmental testing instruments and equipment, optical instruments, analytical instruments, certification testing, automated instrumentation, IC testing, safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment and systems, microwave radio, Static and (W3 Hall) technologies, materials, equipment, tools, etc.
New electronic Museum: automobile manufacturers, automotive application developers, hardware vendors automotive applications, nano-materials, lithium battery materials, LED, consumer electronics exhibition (W5 Hall)
Components Pavilion: passive components, semiconductor discrete devices, connectors, relays exhibition (W4 Hall)
Asian Electronics Show (AEES): Asia Electronics Exhibition, consumer electronics exhibition (W2 Hall)
IC CHINA: Major achievements country great scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of technology, IC design, IC support, packaging and testing, IC application Pavilion (W1 Hall)
Booth Price:

Type Standard booth (3 × 3 / 9m2) double entrance booths, plus 10% of indoor space (36 square meters onwards) excluding venue management fee
Domestic enterprises RMB 15000 / 9m2 RMB 1500 / m
Foreign enterprises USD2520 / 9m2 USD260 / m
Standard booth: (3M × 3M) booth (including three panels, fascia board, table, two chairs, 220V power outlet, cleaning, etc.)

Offer Price: Exhibitors qualifying enjoy Commerce Department directly booth fee waiver policy: 15,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan discount.

Workshop year:

2015 Twenty-second International Test and Measurement Technology Conference & thirteenth (Shanghai) Automotive Electronics Forum

2015 automotive electronics and efficient design seminar

Application and Selection Seminar fifth capacitor

Seventeenth Circuit Protection and EMC Technology Seminar

2015 Electronic Pollution Prevention hero

The healthy development of China's LED industry Seventh Forum

2015 China International wisdom Family Forum

ChinaSmartHomeWorld (CSHW)

2016 Predictions ICT industry

Exhibitors benefit

 Yangtze buyers docking: exposure to the global electronics manufacturing Yangtze River Delta region, supporting the center of the business decision makers, buyers and the strength of R & D engineers;
star effect: at home and abroad with the industry leader in the same stage show, learn techniques;
 target customers already participating: mutual customers and covers the electronics industry from basic components, IC semiconductor devices, photovoltaic, power supply to the consumer electronics, automotive electronics and exhibitors of the vehicle.

 Promotion: providing new propaganda, one interview zhuangao promotion, microblogging letter promotion, advertising and other large-scale, high-density, strong advocacy, develop more business opportunities;
stereo Promotion: Meanwhile Products, with the professional and technical seminars to explain the test and measurement, as well as buyers targeted promotion organizations, four in one, exhibitors effect can be expected;

Targeted professional audience organization, to improve the quality of the audience

applications directed organization: by accumulating more than ten million directed to invite a large number of databases from the aviation, aerospace, electric power, telecommunications, communications, radio and television, shipbuilding, metallurgy, medical, automotive, nuclear, mechanical, industrial, weapons, universities, etc. demand-side and central areas of industry professionals, purchasing products, including components, electronic equipment, optoelectronics, and other instruments.

professionals concerned about the hot areas: The organizing committee will also provide triple play, cloud computing, networking, hybrid cars, solar photovoltaic, wind, tablet PCs, digital home appliances, mobile TV, 3G mobile phones, mobile Internet, satellite communications, Hot radar applications, energy saving lamps, high-speed rail, subway, broadcasting, medical electronics, high-end equipment manufacturing, smart grid and other professional organizations audience.

radiation national audience Organization: China Electronic Appliance Corporation provinces exhibition company specialized organizations and technical personnel of enterprises, research institutes and technology-based tour group, from the point of view of technical personnel more exhibitors product performance parameters and other aspects make a comparison, the pre-selection strategy for the company to make a purchase.

strength overseas partner organizations buyer: China Electronics Fair from Japan Electronics Show Association, the Korea Electronics, Information and Communication Industry Promotion Association, Taiwan TEEMA, HKTDC, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Russia, Brazil, India, Vietnam and other places overseas partner institutions will bring considerable strength of international buyers Electronics Show.

buyers focus on creating special events, intentions buyers and exhibitors to build platform supply and demand: the organizing committee since 2010 successfully organized more than VIP procurement will be met, assisted quality suppliers of products and services that stand out in front of target customers. Such activities include: one-Sourcing Fair; new product / technology promotion; VIP Private Sourcing; Overseas Private Sourcing; buyers guide tours and other activities directed tour route.

Highlight the advantages of the media, network and marketing channels covering

professional media: "China Instrument", "Foreign Electronic Measurement Technology", "Electronic Measurement Technology", "Scientific Instrument", "electronic test", "safety and electromagnetic compatibility", "Computer Measurement & Control", "instrument Instrument Business "," Control Technology "," Instrumentation Technology "," Power Electronics "," China Electronics News "," EE "," International Electronic Business, "" China Electronic Business "," EDN "," Electronic Products "" electronic technology ", Chinese instruments net, I want to instrument network, Chinese control technology, the instrument online, China's industrial network, RF and microwave networks, instrumentation World Network, HC electronics, alibaba, Huaqiang network, 21IC, China Made hundred domestic and other electronics-related industries top sites, print media promotion.

Special Correspondent Mission: China Electronics Fair organized VIP group Reporters gather exhibitors of the latest information and new product information, through various communication channels, such as China Electronics Fair Show Daily publication.

dimensional propaganda site: Shanghai Television, Central People's Broadcasting Station, Sohu, Sina, SAN FRANCISCO, Tencent, Netease, IT168, Xinhua, China News, Zhejiang Online, Hangzhou People's Broadcasting, Aladdin network, China Jiangsu network, LONDON , Shanghai Hotline, bit network, Evening News, Modern Express, Hangzhou Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Yangzi Evening News, Evening News, Changzhou, Nanjing Morning Post, Jiefang Daily, Shanghai Daily, Wen Wei Po, youth newspaper, Voice of the Straits, the Morning News