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CLMG-7202  Handheld Polariscope with FlashlightCLMG-7202  Handheld Polariscope with Flashlight

CLMG-7202 Handheld Polariscope with Flashlight

  • Darkfield Loupe
  • Size: Lenght: 80mm
  • Diameter : 28mm
  • Material: Optics glass, Metal
  • Handheld LED flashlight
  • Lenght: 156mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Power: AA battery x 2 , (Batteries are not included)
CLMG-7202  Handheld Polariscope with Flashlight

The CLMG-7202 polariscope is use to test cut or rough gemstones. Allows two polarising filters to observe the structure and optical properties of precious stones or minerals. It can also be used in identifying Moisannite and detecting strain in diamonds. Equally important and just a little more expensive. It is used with a thing called a strainless sphere, (that is a glass sphere with no strain lines in it,) or a loupe. It visually shows if a stone is doubly or singularly refractive and its optic sign. It will also show strain and twinning, which will occasionally help to distinguish between natural and man made materials.

Key Features:
Offers a year of warranty 
HEAVY DUTY and precise because it made with metal and optical glass  
Durable, reliable and made by professional craftsmen 
Gemmologist tool for diagnosing optical properties of a gemstone (singly refractive or double refractive

Darkfield Loupe
Size: Lenght: 80mm
Diameter : 28mm
Material: Optics glass, Metal
Handheld LED flashlight
Lenght: 156mm
Diameter: 24mm
Power: AA battery x 2 , (Batteries are not included)

(included) Handheld LED Flashlight  
Leather Carry Pouch
(optional) A 98mm x 58mm Desktop LED light with 24mm diameter and powered by 3 pieces AAA battery, just add US $15.00 to your order.
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