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Test Methods of Anemometer

  • Author:Ellen
  • Release on :2015-04-20

Digital anemometer have tested ingredients mean wind speed and turbulence wind turbulence 1 ~ 150KHz, with different variations tests.The average wind speed testing methods are thermal, ultrasonic type, impeller type, and skin drag tube.
Photoelectric sensors anemometer wind light metal with low inertia in response to the wind vane, driven coaxial disk rotates, the encoder according to Gray code encoding and optoelectronic scanning, output signals corresponding to the wind direction. Photoelectric sensor with low inertia wind wind cups, wind rotation, driven rotating coaxial discs cut to optoelectronic scanning output pulse train output corresponding to the number of revolutions of the pulse frequency corresponding value, ease of acquisition and processing. High strength, good start, in line with the national meteorological measurement standards.

digital anemometer Working principle is based on the wheel to rotate into electrical signals, first through a sensor near the beginning, to turn the wheel of a "count" and generates a pulse train, then by the detector conversion process, namely speed value can be obtained. Anemometer probe is suitablefor measuring large diameter, the small flow turbulence.Anemometer probe more suitable for small diameter pipe cross-section measuring cross-sectional area greater than 100 times more adventure head airflow.
Adjust the position of the right wheel anemometer probe, the air flow is parallel to the rotation shaft. When gently turn the probe in the air flow, showing the value will change accordingly. When the reading reaches the maximum, that indicate the position of the probe in the correct measurement. When measured in the pipeline, the pipeline starting from the flat portion of the measurement points to be large so 0XD, influence on the turbulence of the thermal anemometer probe and Pitot tube is relatively small.
Practice has proved that the most widely 16mm anemometer probe purposes. Its size only guarantee the good permeability, can withstand a flow rate as high as 60m / s in. One of the pipe flow velocity measurement as a viable method for measuring indirect measurement procedures applicable air measurements.