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China Zhengzhou new technology ? Environmental Mega Particle Cannon Drive haze

  • Author:Doreen
  • Release on:2015-02-12

China factory emissions can not properly control leads every day seems to live in the gray Xia of toxic smoke . Zhengzhou recently chased out of a cannon -like , such as new technology , saying that they could improve the pollution problem.

Zheng Zhou had chased believe caused the biggest reason is that the dust haze sites , so this frame " dust artifact " ( self-proclaimed ) is actually a water gun carriage , claiming that the use of the international advanced gravity dust spray technology, using high pressure water atomization spray to 120 meters , can be effective against large dust PM10 above , the dust of 80% , while the traditional water tankers to use 70% less than usual , save water and effective. This car an often attracted large crowds of onlookers .

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