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How to correctly use infrared thermometer

  • Author:Ellen
  • Release on:2015-04-23
We use the infrared thermometer to measure the temperature, the object emits infrared energy, through infrared thermometer optical system on the detector is converted to an electrical signal, the temperature reading of the signal is displayed, there are several Important factors in accurate temperature measurement of a decision, the most important factor is the emissivity, the field of view, and distance to the spot position of the spot.

Emissivity, all objects will be reflected through the energy and emission energy, only emission can indicate temperature of the object.
When we take infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature, the instrument can receive all three energy. Therefore, all infrared thermometer must be adjusted to read out the energy emitted. Measurement error is usually caused by another reflection of infrared energy sources. Some infrared thermometer can change the emissivity emissivity values,it can be found in a variety of materials from published emissivity tables. Other instruments for a fixed pre-set for the emissivity of 0.95. The emissivity value for most organic materials, the surface temperature of the surface of paint or oxidation, it is necessary to use a tape or plain black paint applied to the measured surface to compensate. So that when the tape or paint base material to achieve the same temperature, the temperature measuring tape or paint surface, i.e., its actual temperature. The ratio of the distance between the light spot.
Infrared thermometer measuring optical system and collect energy from a circular spot focused on the detector, optical resolution is defined as the infrared thermometer to the measured distance between the object spot size ratio (D: S). The larger the ratio.
Better resolution infrared thermometer, and the smaller spot size measured. Laser targeting, aiming only to help in the measurement point. The latest improvement is the addition of infrared optical near-focus feature, which provides accurate measurement of small target areas, but also to prevent the influence of background temperatures. Field of view, to ensure that the target is larger than the spot size infrared thermometer measurements, the smaller the target, the closer it should be. When accuracy is especially important to ensure that the target of at least two times the spot size.
Do the above steps, we could use infrared thermometer more accuracy.