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Eight Mothods For Preserving hearing aids

  • Author:Ellen
  • Release on:2015-05-14

First,how to correctly to wear a hearing aid, just started wearing time should be short, try to wear in a quiet environment, slowly adapt, then you can increase wearing time, you can also go to the opposite room is slightly noisy environment adaptation. After habit you can wear it every day.
Second, Shampoo bath time to remember off the hearing aid, and pay attention not to water when washing the ears, then use a cotton swab to wipe clean the stains around the ear canal.
Third, When you sleep at night, You should take off hearing aids, open the battery compartment, wipe with a clean cloth body hearing aids, ear molds need to wipe the ear molds, available accessories, gadgets will sound holes in the ear mold through earwax a pass, put things right after the hearing aid drying box.
Fourth, If the desiccant color is changed, it should to be replaced, otherwise there is no moisture absorption capacity.
Fifth, the hearing aid battery must be with batteries, regular replacement.
Sixth, It about every six months to make a formal hearing test Hearing Center to see if there does not drop to normal hearing, while hearing aids can be maintenance, testing. If hearing the voice sounds bad, you can contact the optional mechanism for proper commissioning.
Seventh, If the hearing aid into the water, do not replace the battery immediately if there is sound Listen to remove the battery immediately, will be handed over to professional hearing aid maintenance and inspection.
Eighth, You need always pay attention to clean the ear canal, with medical cotton swab, if Earwax can not remove their own when Taoer Duo, should go to the hospital physician. In particular, oil ears, make sure you pay attention to the health of the ear canal and hearing care, hearing aids or life will be shortened.
In fact, these are some things to wear hearing aids everyday when to pay attention. If you suffer hearing loss in later years that it is accompanied by our partners, then we should take care of it.