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V3 golf laser range finder

  • Author:Sherry
  • Release on:2015-05-06
Distance measuring range: 5-1000 yards (about 5-900 - m)
Observe the magnification: 5 times
Size: 40 x71x107 mm
Weight: 187 g
Battery type: 3 v CR2 lithium battery
Packaging: portable bag and belt
Scanning mode: can display different distance data continuously.
Rainy days mode: measurement in rainy weather.
Pinseeker mode: can easily obtained from complex background accurately pole position.
Slope of + / - version: according to the gradient of slope and offset distance.
Reflective better goal: 1000 yards (900 meters)
Tree: 700 yards (630 meters)
Staff: 300 yards (270 meters)
Ranging accuracy: + / - 1 yards (meters)