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CLMG-7201 Handheld Dark Field LoupeCLMG-7201 Handheld Dark Field Loupe

CLMG-7201 Handheld Dark Field Loupe

  • Magnification : 10x
  • Viewing field (lense) : 18mm in diameter
  • Length : 10mm
  • Handheld LED flashlight
  • Length 156 mm LEDs x 3
  • Power : AA x 2 (not included)
CLMG-7201 Handheld Dark Field Loupe

This type of lighting environment makes it easier to see certain types of inclusions and to determine more precisely what they are. Especially valuable for colored gemstone buyers because seeing inclusions clearly plays an important role in separating one colored stone from another.

The darkfield loupe is an important and essential tool in examining colored gemstones, for anyone buying diamonds or diamond jewelry and in viewing many fracture-filled diamonds that are currently circulated worldwide. A fracture-filled diamond also known as clarity enhanced diamond, is a diamond which contains a crack or cracks that have been filled with a glass-like substance to improve the overall appearance of the stone. Using the CLMG-7201 is the easiest way for most people to spot fracture-filled diamonds.

Key Features:
Use in grading gemstone, like inspecting inclusion, internal cracks, surface marks, etc. * The 10x power magnification provides a HIGH & VERY ACCURATE INSPECTION RESULTS * APPROVED BY STRICT QUALITY AND SAFETY STANDARDS which ensures a reliability, durability, long and trouble-free life that can be transported easily * Uses an LED flashlight that is powered by 2 AA batteries to produce the enough illumination during usage

Darkfield Loupe
Magnification : 10x
Viewing field (lense) : 18mm in diameter
Length : 10mm
Handheld LED flashlight
Length 156 mm LEDs x 3
Power : AA x 2 (not included)

(included) LED Flashlight  
Leather Carry Pouch
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