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Digital Altimeter is good for outdoor activities

  • Author:Sophie
  • Release on :2014-10-17
Autumn season comes,we love this season very much as it makes us feeling cool and comfortable, further more, which makes us loving to attend outdoor activities.

Before you are going out to outdoor,have you prepareed well all things? Especially for Alitimeter,it can show the direction with compass, height with Altimeter,weather with barometer and temperature of thermometer.

Please check more details as below.

1. Digital Electronic compass ( Accuracy:?+?/?-?3?degrees Resolution:?1?degrees)                                                                                     
2. Digital altimeter (Range:?-2296?fts?to?29500?fts ,  Resolution:1meter or 3fts)                                                                                         
3. Digital barometer (Range:?350~1100hpa ,  Resolution:0.1hpa)                                         
4. weather forecast ( sunny, slight sunny, cloudy, rain)
5. Digital Thermometer (Accuracy?:+?/?-?2?degrees?Celsius,  Resolution:?1?degrees?Celsius)                                                                     
6. Digital Clock (2 time zones with 12/24 hours, with hour, minute, second)                             
7. Calendar ( month, date and weekday)

If you wish to know more about this kind of Altimeter,please visit our website www.meter8.com

Digital Altimeter DS202 is good for outdoor activities and it is your best choice.