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Square dancing makes the noise

  • Author:Tom
  • Release on:2014-10-17
October 15 News,in Chongqing,a group of Square dancing Boyle are preparing for Spring Festival party.The interesting thing is that their average age is close to 60.And they are going to do the Cosmetic surgery.Such is a crazy thing!Maybe we would enjoy a great show in next Spring Festival party.
Square dancing becomes very popular in these years.It seems become a culture and influence a lot of people.But on the other hand ,it influence people‘s life.When they are dancing,they are playing loud music,which badly influence the  people around.Some people test the noise by using  Sound Level Meter,it is even up to 100 decibels.The noise hardly pollute the environment.
So when we enjoy the dance,we should think more about the environment and the people around.