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LDS-1G Portable Grain Moisture Meter,China moisture meter factory

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2014-10-21

Autumn,is the harvest season when many crops are ripe for picking.In my hometown,it’s the best time to harvest rice in golden October.After harvest the rice ,farmers need to dry paddy.If the rice isn’t dry enough,it will easy to gone mouldy.Our grain moisture meter can help you to know the moisture of rice.It is used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture.Here,I will introduce LDS series moisture meter for you.


LDS-1G Portable Grain Moisture Meter,China moisture meter factory


 1.  Measuring object: Cereal, Mai Lei, vegetable seed, soybean, vegetables seed, corn, feed,flour      and so on nonmetallic granulated matter
 2.  Temperature compensation: Internally installed sensistor automatic compensation
 3.  Test accurate: ≤± 0.5
 4.  Repeat accurate: ≤ 0.2
 5.  Test range: 3~35%
 6.  Test time: ≤ 10s
 7.  Use temperature: 0~40°C
 8.  Net weight: 830g 
 9.  Power resource: 9V DC Power or NO.5 battery 

10. Display: Backlight LCD 
11.  Interface:RS232 standard interface
12.  Accessory: charging baset,funnel, volumeweight sample bucket, funnel with blade,220V AC           supply adapter,four NO.5 battery, correcting-weight, cleaning brush


More details ,click here:http://www.meter8.com/products/LDS-1G-Portable-Grain-Moisture-Meter.html#.VEXYT9IYB5w