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TBT-09H  Digital Food ThermometerTBT-09H  Digital Food Thermometer

TBT-09H Digital Food Thermometer

  • 1.   Measurement range:-50℃~+300℃(-58℉~572℉);
  • 2.  Measuring accuracy: display +/-0.1degree; -20℃~100℃(-4°F~212°F): +-1℃,
  • 100℃~200℃(212°F~392°F) , -20℃~-40℃(-4°F~-40°F): +-2℃,
  • 200℃~300℃(392°F~572°F),-40℃~ -50℃(-40°F~ -50°F): +-2℃~+-5℃
  • 3.   LCD display temperature value;
  • 4.   Four key operation.
  • 5.   Holding display temperature value;
  • 6.   ℃/℉ freely change;
  • 7.   tube length of 75/120/200mm.
  • 8.   Auto power cut off.


TBT-09H  Digital Food Thermometer    A wide range of USES, to barbecue food, born achievemenst hot drinks etc, temperature control, baby milk, bath temperature measurement, and the refrigerator container, flowers and grass growing environment, laboratory project applies; temperature controlling etc. 

Description :
1.   Measurement range:-50℃~+300℃(-58℉~572℉);
2.  Measuring accuracy: display +/-0.1degree; -20℃~100℃(-4°F~212°F): +-1℃,
100℃~200℃(212°F~392°F) , -20℃~-40℃(-4°F~-40°F): +-2℃,
200℃~300℃(392°F~572°F),-40℃~ -50℃(-40°F~ -50°F): +-2℃~+-5℃
3.   LCD display temperature value;
4.   Four key operation.
5.   Holding display temperature value;
6.   ℃/℉ freely change;
7.   tube length of 75/120/200mm.
8.   Auto power cut off.
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