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Digital Meat Thermometer TP108Digital Meat Thermometer TP108

Digital Meat Thermometer TP108

  • Good for all foods including  liquids,
  • 1. Temperature range:-50 ℃  to 300  ℃/-58℉  to 572℉
  • 2. Stainless steel probe 
Digital Meat Thermometer TP108

Digital Meat Thermometer  is essential  in  creating succlent , tender , delicious  home cooked meals perferctly  every time .

Step 1: press  the  ON  button
Step 2: Insert the probe  into the centre of the food (not touching the bone) to read the internal temperature
Step 3:Choose  mode of temperature display in ℃/℉。

HOLD : Short pause a temperature measurement , maintain the  current temperature  in order to check the temperature , and  then click this button  to return to normal temperature condition

Good for all foods including  liquids,
1. Temperature range:-50 ℃  to 300  ℃/-58℉  to 572℉

2. Stainless steel probe

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