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EC-770 Coating Thickness GaugeEC-770 Coating Thickness GaugeEC-770 Coating Thickness Gauge

EC-770 Coating Thickness Gauge

  • main feature
  • EC-770 coating thickness gauge, can simultaneously measure the magnetic surface of the substrate (such as steel, iron, etc.) of the non-magnetic coating (e.g., paints, ceramics, chrome, etc.), as well as non-conductive non-magnetic metal for coating the surface of the substrate (such as paint, etc.). The instrument built-in high-precision dual probe, using electromagnetic induction and eddy current effects, automatic detection of the base property, calculate the coating thickness, and by dot matrix LCD quickly displays the results. At the same time, the measurement data can be grouped saved and displayed in real time statistics. Users can set separately for each set of upper and lower alarm value, zero calibration, multi-point calibration. The new multi-point calibration and zero calibration, allows you to access at any time to calibrate. Standardized menu, make sure you are very easy to use it.
EC-770 Coating Thickness Gauge Features

1. 128*128 dot matrix LCD display, standard menu operations
2. Two measure modes: single and continuous
3. Two group modes: direct (DIR) and general (GEN), readings will be lost when power off in direct mode, and not be lost in general mode. 80 readings can be stored for each group
4. Zero point calibration and multi-point calibration (up to 4 points) for each group
5. User can recall, delete specified readings, or delete group readings
6. Statistics display: mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation
7. Three probe modes: auto, magnetic and eddy current
8. User can set high or low alarm limit for each group
9. Power off automatically
10. USB interface to data transmission
11. Low battery and error indication

1. Measuring principle: Magnetic induction (F-probe) and eddy current (N-probe)
2. Measuring range: 0 to 1300um (0 to 51.2mils)
3. Accuracy: ± (3% of readings+2um)
            ± (3% of readings+0.078mils)
4. Resolution: 0~99.9(0.1um), 100um~999um (1um), 1000um~1300um (0.01mm)
            0mils~3.933mils (0.004mils), 3.934mils~39.39mils (0.01mils), 39.4mil~51.2mil (0.1mil)
5. Calibration: One to four points calibration, zero calibration
6. Data Group: One direct group (readings not be stored to memory), four general groups (readings can be stored), and each group have individual statistics, alarm settings and calibration
7. Statistics: No. of readings, mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation
8. Units: um, mm and mil
9. Alarm: User can set the high/low alarm, and alarm icon displayed on LCD when over the limit
10. Minimum curvature radius: convex 1.5mm (59mils) and concave 25mm (984mils)
11. Minimum measuring size: Diameter 6mm (236mils)
12. Minimum thickness of substrate: F-probe: 0.5mm (0.02"); N-probe: 0.3mm (0.012")
13.Computer interface: Download data via USB interface
14. Power supply: Two 1.5v AAA battery
15. Operation temperature: 0℃ to 40℃ (32℉ to 104℉)
16. Storage temperature: -20℃ to 70℃ (-4℉ to 158℉)
17. Size: 110mm*53mm*24mm (4.33"*2.09"*0.94")
18. Weight: 107g (3.24oz)
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