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8806S CE Approval non-contact Infrared Thermometer8806S CE Approval non-contact Infrared Thermometer

8806S CE Approval non-contact Infrared Thermometer

  • Key Features:
  • 1)Adjustable Alarm Setting, notifies the user if the reading result is higher than the set  temperature value
  • 2)Memorize/records/recall the last 32 measurements
  • 3)Measure body temperature regardless of room temperature
  • 4)Can also be used to measure temperature of things such as baby bottle, bath/liquid, etc. and area such as room temperature, etc.
  • 5)100% certified safe, with international standards & approved by the Electromagnetic Compatibility   (EMC) Council Directive & Medical Device Directive
  • 6)Precise non-contact measurement
  • 7)Designed for intense & professional use
  • 8)Selectable °C / °F
  • 9)Selectable body temperature and surface temperature measurement
  •     Trigger lock
  • 10)With auto range and resolution of 0.1°C (0.1°F)
  • 11)LCD display with backlight
  • 12)With automatic Data Hold, auto power off & over range indicator
  • 13) It uses an infrared, not laser light, to measure both body surface & forehead temperature for infants & adults without contact to human body.
  • 14)Undoubtedly durable and very reliable
Measuring Range:
Human Body/Forehead (in body mode): 32.0°C~42.5°C (90°F~108°F)
Surface (in surface temp mode): 0°C~60°C (32°F~140°F)
Consumption: ≤50mW
Accuracy: ±0.3°C (0.54°F)
Measuring Distance: 5~15cm (2~5.9in)
Automatic Stop: 7sec.
Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Response Time: 0.5sec
Operating Temperature: 10°C~40°C (50°F~140°F)
Relative Humidity Rate: less than or equal to 85%
Over range indication: LCD will show "HI"/"Lo"
Emissivity: 0.95 fixed value
Power Supply : 1.5V AA battery x2
Polarity: Automatic (no indication for positive polarity); Minus (-) sign for negative polarity

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