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DT-8836 Body temperature or digital body temperature

DT-8836 Body temperature or digital body temperature

  • Body temperature range: 32.0ºC~42.5ºC(89.6ºF~108.5ºF);
  •   -Accuraccy: 32-35.9ºC/89.6-96.6ºF             ±0.3ºC(0.5ºF)
  •                           36-39ºC/96.8-102.2ºF               ±0.2ºC(0.4ºF)
  •                           39.1-42.5ºC/102.4-108.5ºF     ±0.3ºC(0.5ºF)
  • - Surface temperature range: 0ºC~100ºC(32ºF~212ºF);
  • - Accuracy:  ±1.0ºC;
  • -Measurement distance: 5 to 8cm; 
  • - ºC/°F exchange;
  • - Backlight, LCD display;
  • - Data memory: 32 sets latest record;
  • -Over range indication: HI or LO for body temp.
  • -Size:150x75x40mm
  • -Net weight: 120g(without battery)
  • -Power: 9V, 1pc*6F22
  • -Auto data hold;
  • - Auto power off 
Body temperature range: 32.0ºC~42.5ºC(89.6ºF~108.5ºF);
  -Accuraccy: 32-35.9ºC/89.6-96.6ºF             ±0.3ºC(0.5ºF)
                          36-39ºC/96.8-102.2ºF               ±0.2ºC(0.4ºF)
                          39.1-42.5ºC/102.4-108.5ºF     ±0.3ºC(0.5ºF)
- Surface temperature range: 0ºC~100ºC(32ºF~212ºF);
- Accuracy:  ±1.0ºC;
-Measurement distance: 5 to 8cm; 
- ºC/°F exchange;
- Backlight, LCD display;
- Data memory: 32 sets latest record;
-Over range indication: HI or LO for body temp.
-Net weight: 120g(without battery)
-Power: 9V, 1pc*6F22 
-Auto data hold;
- Auto power off 
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