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The Best-selling jeweller's loupes

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2014-10-09

It’s believed that everyone love jewelry,espcially women.However, few people know how to identify the jewelry.The jeweller always use the “loupe”,which is also called“jeweller’s loupes”,to view the diamond for flews.Now,we highly recommend those best-selling loupes for you.

1025L China Jewelry loupes price,Jewelry loupe,diamond eye loupe



30x or 40x ,25mm jewelry loupe with 2pcs LED light,

240pcs/carton ;                    

Carton size:45*33*32;                     

Net/Gross weight: 15kg/17kg,     

plastic box and color box(or white box).

diamond eye loupe


MG7801 10X,20X Jewellers' Loupe,dental surgical binocular loupes,China Jewelry loupes price


10X/20X 21mm jewelry triplet loupe with 21mm top quality optical lens and LED lights:


Aplanatic - to correct spherical anaberration, for larger field of view from side to side

Achromatic -to correct color distortions, for true color viewing

With built-in band of six LED lights wrapping round the lens' edge

Emits a cool bright light

Directly illumination eliminates window

Supply with leather case.


SC3021  China Jewelry loupes price,30x 21mm Jewelry Loupe


with golden color or silver color, triplet lenses, aluminium frame 


Power: 30X

Diameter: 21mm

Triplet Lenses

High Quality Optical Glass

Wrapped with copy paper

Packed with leather case and white box