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XYI-III Digital Light Level Meter Light MeterXYI-III Digital Light Level Meter Light Meter

XYI-III Digital Light Level Meter Light Meter

  • Dynamic range: 0.1--100,000 lx
  • Accuracy: <±4%  
  • Sensitivity: 0.001 lx
  • Repeatability: 0.001 lx
  • Relative spectral sensitivity of digital V(l) sensor: f1<±5.5%
  • Direction response: f2<±4%
  • Infrared response: f3<±2%
  • Ultraviolet response: f4<±1.5%

New Digital Light Level Meter XYI-III Light Meter


1.  The XYI-III All Digital Luxmeter is based on all digital integral photometric measurement technology.
2.  It has no analogue unit, this it is very simple to overcome the zero drift which is impossible to be avoided in current Luxmeter.

3. The digital V(l) sensor has large dynamic range so that there is no range-changing error in it, moreover, it possesses strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy.

4. The XYI-III All Digital Luxmeter contains RS232 computer interface, the calibration is done by software. It is suitable for monitoring and remote applications.

5. The XYI-III All Digital Luxmeter software can calibrate the instrumentation, sample the data through RS232 interface and print out the results. It is a real-time measuring system and run under Windows98/NT. 


1.  Dynamic range: 0.1--100,000 lx
2.  Accuracy: <±4%  
3.  Sensitivity: 0.001 lx
4.  Repeatability: 0.001 lx
5.  Relative spectral sensitivity of digital V(l) sensor: f1<±5.5%
6.  Direction response: f2<±4%
7.  Infrared response: f3<±2%
8.  Ultraviolet response: f4<±1.5%
9.  Fatigue: f5<±0.5%
10.  Nonlinear error: f6<±1%
11.  One range, no range-changing error, f7=0
12.  Temperature effect: ±0.5%/°C
13.  Refreshing frequency: 3n/s(>=1lx), 1n/2s(<1lx)
14.  3-1/2 LCD display
15.  RS232 computer interface and software
17.  Power supply: 9V Battery

Packing Info

1.  Size(L×W×H): 135×72×33(mm) 
2.  Dimension: 135 (L) x72 (W) x33 (H) mm

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