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WCZ-1 Underground Iron Mine Detector ,Metal Detector

WCZ-1 Underground Iron Mine Detector ,Metal Detector

  •  Measurement range: 20,000nT~100,000nT
  • • Measurement precision:  1nT
  • • Resolution: 0.1nT
  • • Allowed gradient:  5000nT/m
  • • GPS positioning accuracy: <2.5m CEP
  • • Data stored: 50,000, power-off protected
  • • LCD display screen: 240*128 pixel graph liquid
  • • Keyboard: 22 keys

Underground Iron Mine Detector  WCZ-1

WCZ-1 proton magnetic detector is the new generation of proton magnetic detector with new technology based on home and abroad advanced magnetometer. The measuring accuracy is ±1nT, resolution up to 0.1nT, which is coincided with the demand of issued by original Geology and Minerals Department. 

Main Features

Geomagnetic field and gradient measurement (horizontal or vertical gradient, special probe and bracket are needed)
Applicable in field survey or base station measurement
Each point saves information of latitude, longitude, elevation and time. You can measure and store them timely.
Integration of clock: record time is stored together with the data measured at that time.
Large display, English interface, to display magnetic curves automatically, easy in operation.
Backlight LCD screen can be used at night.
User-friendly keyboard can be used by both hands.
It can be tuned full range automatically or manually.
Portable, it uses probe antenna frame and operation is easily fulfilled by one person.
With RS-232C computer interface.
Can draw isograms and profile graphs with professional geological software.

Technical Specifications

• Measurement range: 20,000nT~100,000nT
• Measurement precision:  1nT
• Resolution: 0.1nT
• Allowed gradient:  5000nT/m
• GPS positioning accuracy: <2.5m CEP
• Data stored: 50,000, power-off protected
• LCD display screen: 240*128 pixel graph liquid
• Keyboard: 22 keys
• Interface: RS-232C standard serial port
• Power supply: External rechargeable lithium batteries, 14.5V/3Ah, or external power supply
• Dimension of mainframe: 230mm*155mm*65mm
• Weight of mainframe: 2.2kg (include batteries)
• Dimension of sonde:  75mm*155mm
• Weight of sonde: 0.8kg
• Working temperature: -10~+50

Application range

Geological map of magnetic survey in mineral prospecting: iron ore, zinc lead ore, copper ores etc; Study ore’s buried depth, vein direction, continuity, shape and size, ore scale estimation;
Oil &gas survey, and problems relative with oil &gas geological and earth structure; general survey;
Detailed survey, general survey and geological mapping;
Surface daily variation station of navigation and ocean magnetic measurement;
Fault location;
Engineering exploration like pipe detection etc.;
Earthquake warning signs monitoring, volcano observation and other environmental disaster geological works;
Detection of small ferromagnetic object and so on.


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