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TC-128 Mine Detector ,Gold Detector,Metal DetectorTC-128 Mine Detector ,Gold Detector,Metal Detector

TC-128 Mine Detector ,Gold Detector,Metal Detector

  • 1. 5" x 10" 2D Elliptical Coil and/or 3"x 7" 2D Elliptical Coil .
  • 2. Instructional/field search Video . 10" Gold Pan . 
  • 3. Instruction Manual . Standard Battery System . 
  • 4. 2 Year Warranty . 
  • 5. Operating Weight: 3.4 lbs . 15 kHz . 
  • 6. Requires 3 9-volt batteries

Mine Detector TC-128 Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger:


1.high sensitivity.
2.low cost.
3.good looking.

Wherever there is gold to be found, the Scorpion Gold Stinger will seek it out.Groundhog (15kHz) circuit is renowned over the world for its power in driving through ground minerals to pinpoint the tiniest gold nuggets.
 It was this circuit that started the detector gold rush in Australia and discovered the famed "Million-Dollar Hand of Faith" nugget. The Gold Stinger has been proven around the world as the universal gold detector.
The Stinger offers three versatile modes unmatched by other gold hunting detectors. It's a deep-seeking gold-finder, but this instrument also offers a hunting mode with the precise
discrimination demanded by veteran coin-finders. When you're not locating gold nuggets,
use your Scorpion Gold Stinger to locate coins, jewelry or any other kind of treasure. Just switch modes, set your discrimination controls, and start hunting for coins, jewelry, and rings.With Garrett's highly maneuverable 3 x 7" elliptical search coil you can find nuggets and tiny flakes, or you can use the 5 x 10" elliptical search coil to locate nuggets to extreme depths. Plus, the agility of both size
coils among rocks is undisputed. Another feature from Garrett is the Stinger's TR Disc mode which provides precise calibration necessary for effective ore sampling and hot rock rejection. Scan all day with the lightweight pistol-grip configuration. Or, enjoy the benefits of hip-mounting the control housing for absolute minimum weight.
• In Georgia, Bill Boye used a Garrett to find a gold-bearing quartz bonanza weighing 17 1/2 pound
• Harry Rainey finds relics with his Scorpion Gold Stinger.
• E.G. Martin and son Jason discovered a nugget in Australia weighing 125 troy ounces.
• "When I'm not hunting for gold, my wife detects coins," Says Bert Cameron.
• Dee Haynes has found scores of nuggets in Idaho.


1. 5" x 10" 2D Elliptical Coil and/or 3"x 7" 2D Elliptical Coil .
2. Instructional/field search Video . 10" Gold Pan .
3. Instruction Manual . Standard Battery System .
4. 2 Year Warranty .
5. Operating Weight: 3.4 lbs . 15 kHz .
6. Requires 3 9-volt batteries

Search Aids

Works on all Soils. Special Gold Circuit . Special Coin/Ring Circuit . VLF/TR Discrimination for Ore
Sampling . 10 Turn Ground Adjustment . Convertible Design: on shaft or "hip-mount" . Accepts Multiple Coils . Identifies Hot Rocks . Lightweight Design . Weather Resistant Controls .
Submersible Search Coil . Easy to Use, Only 4 Knobs .
Discrimination Adjustment for Coin and Relic
Locating . 10 Turn Audio Control.

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