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STC-8080A+ All-purpose Thermostat /Temperature Controller/Digital ThermostatSTC-8080A+ All-purpose Thermostat /Temperature Controller/Digital Thermostat

STC-8080A+ All-purpose Thermostat /Temperature Controller/Digital Thermostat

  • Power supply: 220VAC +10%-15%,50/60HZ
  • Power consumption: ≤3W
  • Temperature measuring range:-50C to 99C
  • Temperature controlling range: -40C to 50C
  • Resolution: 1C
  • Accuracy: ±C when tempeature -40C to 50C, ±2C at others

All-purpose Thermostat /Temperature Controller  STC-8080A+

General  Overviews

1.  STC-8080A is a universal temperature controller with single sensor, spcify all the functions as refrigerating,defrosting, alarming when temperature  exceeds setting limit.

2.  Compressor delay protection time is solidified as 3 minutes, controlled  start up and close accoring to the solidified proportional time when sensor error, which can be applied to the industries such as cold storage, refrigerator car,etc.

Main Functions

1. To measure, display and control temperature
2. Defrosting cycle and defrosting time is adjustable
3. Alarm when temperature exceeds settling temperature limit value.
4. Compressor start up delay protection
5. Compressor work as scheduled time when sensor error

Technical Specifications

1.  Power supply: 220VAC +10%-15%,50/60HZ
2.  Power consumption: ≤3W
3.  Temperature measuring range:-50C to 99C
4.  Temperature controlling range: -40C to 50C
5.  Resolution: 1C
6.  Accuracy: ±C when tempeature -40C to 50C, ±2C at others
7.  Relay capacity of compressor: 7A/220VAC
8.  Relay capacity of defroster: 7A/220VAC
9.  Sensor type: NTC sensor
10.  Front panel safa level: IP64
11.  Operating temperature: 0C to 60C
12.  Relative humidity: 20% to 85% ( No condensate)
13.  Storage temperature :-30C to

Size and Packing

1.  Front panel size: 75mm( length) x 34.5mm (width)
2.  Installing hole size: 71mm( length) x 29mm ( width)
3.  Product size: 71mm (length) x 34.5mm (width) x 85mm (depth)
4.  Sensor wire length: 2 meters (including the probe)
5.  60pcs/ctn,42.5*30*33.5cm,20KG

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