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Ph-2602 High Accuracy PH Meter,bench ph meterPh-2602 High Accuracy PH Meter,bench ph meterPh-2602 High Accuracy PH Meter,bench ph meter

Ph-2602 High Accuracy PH Meter,bench ph meter

  • Measuring range: pH: 0.00-14.00
  •                  mV: 0- ±1999mV
  •                  °C: 0-100°C    
  • Resolution:     pH: 0.01pH
  •                 mV: 1mV
  •                 °C: 0.1°C
  • Accuracy:       pH: ±0.01pH
  •                 mV: ±1mV
  •                 °C: ±0.4°C

High Accuracy PH Meter  P2602

The PH-2602 PH meter has been specially designed for the maximum facility of use.The handy key board for the selection of the various functions.The possibility of automatically correcting errors in measurement due to temperature.The display on the front panel reveals the temperature and PH or mV reading taken by the instrument.This instrument has the battery charge funstion,you will be able to carry out field measurement.Moreover,Ph-2602 features a low battery indicator that alerts the user when the battery needs recharging


Measuring range:

pH: 0.00-14.00

mV: 0- ±1999mV

 °C: 0-100°C   


pH: 0.01pH

 mV: 1mV

°C: 0.1°C


pH: ±0.01pH

mV: ±1mV

°C: ±0.4°C

Calibration: 1point or 2point

Working temperature: 0 to 95C

Power: DC9V/200mA or Rechargeable battery

Operating conditions: Temperature: 0-60C 

                                  Humidity: 95% maximum

Dimension: 208×200×76mm

Weight: 480g

bench top ph meter


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