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PH-2601 Bench PH Meter,digital PH meter manufacturerPH-2601 Bench PH Meter,digital PH meter manufacturer

PH-2601 Bench PH Meter,digital PH meter manufacturer

  • Measuring range: pH: 0.00-14.00
  •                    °C: −9.9 - 99.9°C
  •                    °F: 16 - 210°F
  • Resolution:      pH: 0.01pH
  •                    °C: ±0.1°C
  •                    °F: ±1°F
  • Accuracy:        pH:±0.05pH
  •                    °C: ±1°C
  •                    °F: ±2°F

Benchtop PH Meter PH-2601
Name:Desk-mounted PH Meter
Type: PH-2601


Excellent design, simple and easy to use,this instrument suit for measuring the solution's PH and temperature value,and also show the both data in same time,high cost-effiective, economical PH Meter
Measuring range: pH: 0.00-14.00

                               C: −9.9 - 99.9C

                               F: 16 - 210F

Resolution: pH: 0.01pH

                     C: ±0.1C

                     F: ±1F

Accuracy: pH:±0.05pH

                  C: ±1C

                  F: ±2F

Calibration: 1point or 2point

Working temperature:  0 to 95C

Power: DC9V   100mA

Operating conditions: Temperature: 0-60C 

                                  Humidity: 95% mximum

Dimension: 208×200×76mm

Weight:  390g

digital PH meter manufacturer


Turns on the PH electrode.the temperature sensor and the power source.choice temperature pattern.turn the meter ON by pressing the ON/OFF switch.
Remove the electride protective cap,then submerge tje PH electrode and the temperature probe into the sample to be tested.
Stir gently and wait for the stability symbol.
After use,rinse the electrode with clean water,replace the electrode protective cap.

digital PH meter manufacturer

PH Calibration
Pour a small quantity of PH6.86 and 4.01(or PH9.18) solution into clean beakers.
For a particularly accurate calibration,it is advised to use two beakers for each buffer solution.the first is to be used for rinding the electrode.the second is to be used for the calibration.in this way.the risks of contaminating the buffer solution are reduced to a minimum.
Switch on the instrument.then immerse the PH electrode and temperature probe into PH 6.86 buffer solution and then shake briefly.
Regulate the trimmer found in the lower left hand position with a screwdriver until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.
Immerse the electrode into a PH4.01 or PH9.18 buffer solution,and briefly shake the electrode.
After about one minute,regulate the trimmer found in the lower right hand position until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.
The calibration of the instrument's PH range is now complete.

The instrument's PH range must be recalibrated whenever.
The electrode has been replaced.
Approximately one mouth has passed from the last calibration.
The electrode has been used in particularly taxing conditions.
The utmost accuracy is required.

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