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HT-850 Sound Level Meter, Noise MeterHT-850 Sound Level Meter, Noise Meter

HT-850 Sound Level Meter, Noise Meter

  • Level Range                        Low=30-100dB
  •                                    High=60-130dB
  • Accuracy                           +1.5dB (ref 94dB @1kHz)
  • Frequency Range                     31.5Hz to 8k Hz
  • Frequency Weighting                  A,C
  • Time Weighting                      Fast ,slow
  • Battery  Type                      9V battery
  • Operation Temp                     0 oC -40 oC  (<80% R.H.)
  • Storage Temp                       -10 oC ~60 oC  (<70% R.H.)
HT-850 Mini sound lever meter have a wide dynamic  range from 30 to 130dB, they have different frequency weighting A and C to respond to human sense or machine monitoring purposes, For different Sound pattern, they also fast and slow time constant setting.


1.  Provides 1.5dB accuracy
2.  Newly Design Shape
3.  High Performance
4.  Max Hold and Data Hold Function


1.  Level Range                        Low=30-100dB
2.  Accuracy                            +1.5dB (ref 94dB @1kHz)
3.  Frequency Range               31.5Hz to 8k Hz
4.  Frequency Weighting          A,C
5.  Time Weighting                   Fast ,slow
6.  Battery  Type                      9V battery
7.  Operation Temp                 0 oC -40 oC  (<80% R.H.)
8.  Storage Temp                    -10 oC ~60 oC  (<70% R.H.)

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