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GY-3 Fruit hardness tester or GY Fruit Sclerometer Instruction

GY-3 Fruit hardness tester or GY Fruit Sclerometer Instruction

  • .Spdcification
  • Model: GY-1 GY-2 GY-3
  • Indication scal: 2-15kg/cm2 (×105Pa) 2-15kg/cm2 (×105Pa) 2-15kg/cm2 (×105Pa) 2-15kg/cm2 (×105Pa)
  • Pressure Head size;Φ3.5mm Φ3.5mm Φ8mm Φ11mm
  • Precision: ±0.1 ±0.02 ±0.1
  • Insertion Depth 10mm
  • Size 140×60×30mm
  • Weight 0.3kg
Functions and Characteristic
The fruit sclerometer (also called fruit hardness tester), this series has GY-1, GY-2, GY-3three kind of models, use to testing apple, pear.
Strawberry, grape's fruit's hardness. It is suitable for the fruit tree scientific research department, the fruits company, the fruit tree farm, unit and so on technical college agriculture colleges and universities, to cultivate the improved variety, the harvest storage, the product transportation and the processing and so on by the fruits hardness. Thus judge fruit's mature degree. This instrument volume small, the weight is light, straight reads the type, carries conveniently, specially is suitable for the scene determination, the result came out direct.

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