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Extra Larger Screen Caliper (Auto Power Off)122-322

Extra Larger Screen Caliper (Auto Power Off)122-322

  • Type         Range           Accuracy             Remarks
  • DC-122A   0~150mm/6"     0.01mm/0.0005" 0.02mm   Industrial use
  • DC-222A   0~200mm/8"     0.01mm/0.0005" 0.02mm   Industrial use
  • DC-322A   0~300mm/12"   0.01mm/0.0005" 0.03mm    Industrial use 

Extra Larger Screen Caliper (Auto Power Off)122-322


1. Highly polished surface, ensuring the accuracy.
2. Slide is smooth, no grittiness
3. Highly-engrated integrated circuit chip, Display is clear and stable.
4. Repeatability  is consistent

5. Range Range           Accuracy                    Remarks
   DC-122A   0~150mm/6"     0.01mm/0.0005" 0.02mm   Industrial use
   DC-222A   0~200mm/8"     0.01mm/0.0005" 0.02mm   Industrial use
   DC-322A   0~300mm/12"   0.01mm/0.0005" 0.03mm   Industrial use

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