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DM-200UA Digital Biologica Video USB MicroscopeDM-200UA Digital Biologica Video USB Microscope

DM-200UA Digital Biologica Video USB Microscope

  • Sensor: 1/3 " Imax CMOS
  • Resolution: 2.00M Pixel
  • Image pixel: 640(H)x 480(V), 1280(H)x960(V), 1600(H)x1200(V)
  • Illumination: 8 white adjustable LEDs
  • Frame rate: 10fps@1600x1200,15fps@1280x960, 30fps@640x480
  • Signal Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
  • Power Source: USB5.0V DC
  • Power Consumption: 0.8W MAX
  • Adjustable Magnification: 5x ~200x based on 17" Display
  • Object Distance: 0~300mm
  • USB Line: 2m
DM-200UA Digital Biologica Video Microscope


1.  Model: DM-200UA (USB Digital Microscope)
2. Camera Type: Color CMOS Camera
3.  Sensor: 1/3 " Imax CMOS
4.  Resolution: 2.00M Pixel
5.  Image pixel: 640(H)x 480(V), 1280(H)x960(V), 1600(H)x1200(V)
6.  Viewalbe area: 5x100x38mm, 200x2.5x1.9mm
7.  Image Quality: Highest  Definition
8.  Illumination: 8 white adjustable LEDs
9.  Frame rate: 10fps@1600x1200,15fps@1280x960, 30fps@640x480

Optical features:
1.  Gamma Correction: Auto, Numerical Aperture: Auto,  Exposure: Auto
2.  White Balance: Auto, Black Reference: Auto, Flicker Avoidance: Auto
3.  Defect Identification: Auto,  Color Saturation: Auto
4.  Signal Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
5.  Power Source: USB5.0V DC
6.  Power Consumption: 0.8W MAX
7.  Adjustable Magnification: 5x ~200x based on 17" Display
8.  Object Distance: 0~300mm
9.  USB Line: 2m
10.  Dimension: 36mm(Diameter) x 120mm(Length)

Software Features (Anyview)
1.  Snapshot
2.  Video recorder
3.  Take time lapsed Picture
4.  Additional Cross Line,Scale,Timer
5.  Rotation,Mirror,area magnifier on still image Magnifier
6.  Measure:length,area,diameter,angle and Calibration on still image
7.  Export measure data to Word and Excel
8.  Image process: edge checking,Filter,brightness adjusting, grayscale, negative
9.  Real-time Measure:length,area,diameter,angle and Calibration on video

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