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CQ-X6 Coating Thickness GaugeCQ-X6 Coating Thickness GaugeCQ-X6 Coating Thickness Gauge

CQ-X6 Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Technical Parameters:
  • Measurement of thickness and precision
  • 0-1999μm ± (3.0% + 2 [mu] m)
  • 0-40mil ± (3.0% + 0.1mil)
  • Metric Conversion micron / ten thousand dual display
  • Data store 10 sets of data
  • Technical advantages
CQ-X5 (FN) coating thickness (gauge) uses a dual-function measurement technology, is magnetic and eddy current thickness measurement method can automatically identify magnetic and non-magnetic substrate, and then use the appropriate test methods, non-destructive measurement on The non-magnetic coating thickness of the magnetic metal substrates (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel, etc.) (for example, aluminum, chromium, copper, enamel, rubber, paint, etc.) and non-magnetic metal substrates (such as copper, aluminum, non-conductive coating thickness (such as) on zinc, tin: enamel, rubber, paint, plastic, etc.).
Coating thickness has a measurement error is small, high reliability, good stability, simple operation, is essential to ensure quality control and testing methods of products, widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection detection. The product has passed the National Center for metering South China, China Institute of Metrology, Guangdong verification, and issue the relevant certificates, the major manufacturers of all ages.
       CQ-X5 (FN) iron aluminide coatings of a thickness of the substrate thickness may dual measurement comprises Teflon on an aluminum or copper substrate, enamel, enamel, epoxy, or anodic oxide coating thickness measurement. Test methods for coating thickness of the magnetic induction applications include zinc, cadmium, paint or powder coatings.
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