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ATC-300 Digital Thermostat for Water-chiller AquariumATC-300 Digital Thermostat for Water-chiller Aquarium

ATC-300 Digital Thermostat for Water-chiller Aquarium

  • Temperature controlling range :16-+36°C
  • Temperature measuring range:0-+50°C
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • Accuracy: ± 1°C
  • Timing cycle :24 hours
  • Controlling load: ≤ 1200W/220V
  • Temperature controlling difference: 1°C
  • Alarm when exceeding temperature limit: ±2°C
Digital Thermostat for Water-chiller Aquarium ATC-300


1.  ATC-300 especially suitable for aquarium industry.
2.  The panel of ATC-300 is elegant and smart which separates from Control Box.
3.  The panel can be easily fixed on Aquarium Box or any other places.
4.  ATC-300 is really a new and practical product.
5.  One channel heating control, One channel timing control
6.  Alarm when exceeding the temperature limit, Alarm when sensor error
7.  Electricity auto cut-off when out of water
8.  Size:
            Panel size:119.9×30.5(mm)
            Mouting size:119.7×30.3(mm)
            Product size:119.9×30.5×16.9(mm)

Technical Parameters

1.  Power supply:220VAC
2.  Power consumption: ≤ 3 W
3.  Temperature controlling range :16-+36°C
4.  Temperature measuring range:0-+50°C
5.  Resolution: 0.1
6.  Accuracy: ± 1°C
7.  Timing cycle :24 hours
8.  Controlling load: ≤ 1200W/220V
9.  Temperature controlling difference: 1°C
10.  Alarm when exceeding temperature limit: ±2°C
11.  Sensor: NTC

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