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2603 Digital PH Meter,Bench ph meter2603 Digital PH Meter,Bench ph meter

2603 Digital PH Meter,Bench ph meter

  • Measuring range: pH: 0.00-14.00, mV: 0- ±1999mV, C: 0-100℃ ,EC: 0.00-19.99ms/cm ,CF: 0.0-199.9CF ,TDS: 10-19990ppm
  • Resolution: pH: 0.01pH, mV: 1mV , C: 0.1C, EC: 0.01ms/cm, CF: 0.1CF ,TDS: 10ppm
  • Accuracy: pH: ±0.01pH , mV: ±1mV ,C: ±0.4C , EC.CF.TDS:  ±2%F S
  • Calibration: 1point or 2point
  • Operating conditions: Temperature: 5-60C  
  •                       Humidity: 95% maximum

Laboratory precision ph meter,Digital PH Meter 2603


Multifunctional detection, easy to use, automatical compensate error which due to temperature change during the measurent, such data could be shown on the screen: PH, MV, CF, TDS, temperature value and conductivity; rechargeable batteries, easy to carry it outdoors for measuring;low tension remind charging in time;high cost-effective,a perfect choice for lab.


Measuring range:

pH: 0.00-14.00

mV: 0- ±1999mV

C: 0-100C 

EC: 0.00-19.99ms/cm

CF: 0.0-199.9CF

TDS: 10-19990ppm

Resolution: pH: 0.01pH

                 mV: 1mV

                 C: 0.1C

                 EC: 0.01ms/cm

                 CF: 0.1CF

                 TDS: 10ppm

Accuracy: pH: ±0.01pH

                mV: ±1mV

                C: ±0.4C

                EC.CF.TDS:  ±2%F S

Calibration: 1point or 2point

Working temperature: 0 to 95C

Power: DC9V/200mA or Rechargeable battery

Operating conditions: Temperature: 5-60C 

                                Humidity: 95% maximum

Dimension: 208×200×76mm

Weight: 510g

electronic ph test meter


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