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PC-101 Portable PH Meter

  • Author:alice
  • Release on:2014-10-14

Our company is engaged to provide a one-stop shopping service of portable instruments & meters to customers all over the world. PH meter is a part of many products ,which is produce by cheapest PH meter manufacturer.
PC-101 is  a portable PH meter,Swimming Pool Spa Water PH Meter & CL2 Chlor.This meter can test water PH and CL2.

  • specification
Measure range for Chlorine Level:1.2 to 1.7ppm
Measure range for PH Level:7.2 to 7.8ppm

Before you use your electro-tester (ET) for the first time, you must adjust (calibrate) ET to match your swimming pool or spa water with the following sequence:
1.Test your pool or spa water using a conventional liquid test kit
2.Record the chlorine reading level as you will need (example: 1.5PPM)
3.No adjustment is required for pH