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A wonderful weekend

  • Autor:Alice
  • Solte em:2015-01-12
With the arrival of the weekend,our company organized a outdoor activities takeing a ride along the yobai Hang.We are  relax and enjoy it.
Yobai Hang  is located in daya bay, it claims is the most beautiful valley in shenzhen. In the northwest NaAo Town before sitting with a tiger mountain, located in seven niang mountains have a full yangmei hill, under the hill, the village is known as "yangmei pit village".Yobai Hang is composed of two hole convergence. Is a tail pit, source at the top of the geese and between triangular hill; Another is crater lake, the source is seven niang mountain. On both sides of the import all the way, beautiful scenery, abundant trees, birds, schools of thought contend.