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TA218B  Clock~Thermometer~Hygromete/Digital Temperature MeterTA218B  Clock~Thermometer~Hygromete/Digital Temperature Meter

TA218B Clock~Thermometer~Hygromete/Digital Temperature Meter

  • Functional Overview:
  • 1:Calendar display range:January1,2000~December31,2049;Time display12/24 hour clock.
  • 2:Switch Date/Time/ weeks/sec display.
  • 3:Switchable display, ºC/
  • 4:Temperature range:0ºC~50ºC     32ºF~122ºF
  • 5:Display Resolution:0.1ºC;Accuracy:±1ºC
  • 6:Humidity Range:10%RH~95%RH      accuracy:60%±5%RH
  • 7:Memory or remove the maximum/ minimum temperature and humidity
Functional  testing:(fitted  with  battery ,display:January1 ,2004,  PM12:00  00oC  temperature value)
1:TIME key,time setting,switch display time /date.Hold down the TIME button 2 seconds to enter time settings, and then
TIME button set the corresponding bit will be blinking ,set the following order:12/24 hours , seconds, hours , minutes ,year ,month , day,
2:UP  button ,forward  button.Press TIME  button 2 seconds later, according to the objectives to be set up ,transfer press UP key to advance to the set position.
3:MAX/MIN button:Displays the maximum/ minimum temperature humidity recorder  in the normal state, according to MAX/MIN key to switch showed the largest→minimum value of the current temperature and humidity.In the MAX or MIN displays status, no buttons automatically after 8 seconds to return the current temperature and humidity display.The maximum / minimum temperature recorded humidity removal,in the MAX or MIN of the state, hold down the MAX/MIN button 2 seconds clear of the show the highest / most low humidity, and return the current temperature and  humidity display.
4:oC /oF key:Switch degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit.
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