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PHT-028 Six In One Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor/Water Quality MeterPHT-028 Six In One Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor/Water Quality Meter

PHT-028 Six In One Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor/Water Quality Meter

  • Measuring range:                                     
  •            PH: 0.00~14.00 PH
  •            °C: -50°C~70°C (-58°F~158°F)
  •            EC: 0.00~19.99EC
  •            CF: 0.0~199CF
  •           TDS: 10~19990ppm
  •            mv: 0~±1999mV
Six in One Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter/Water Quality Analysis /Water Quality Monitor PHT-028

This indicator combines 6 meters into one easy to use wall mounting continuous monitor. Featuring a large, dual-level, back-lit LCD display the meter can display the EC/TDS/CF of your solution together with the choice of either pH, temperature or Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP).
Precision pH monitor immediately detects changes in solution pH. With a 6 V DC power supply included with the meter (also included rechargeable battery).It is with BNC composite electrode, around the world to facilitate the replacement of electrodes, used.


1. Measuring range :                                                                                                
         PH: 0.00~14.00 PH
          °C: -50°C~70°C (-58°F~158°F)
         EC: 0.00~19.99EC
         CF: 0.0~199CF
        TDS: 10~19990ppm
         mv: 0~±1999mV

2. Resolution:
       PH: 0.01PH
       °C: 0.1°C
       EC: 0.01EC
       CF: 0.1CF
       TDS: 10 ppm
       mv: 1mV

3. Accuracy
       PH: ±0.1 PH
       °C: ±1.0°C
       EC,CF,TDS: ±2%F.S
       mv: ±0.1%F·S±1digit

4. Automatic Temperature Compensation 0°C~50°C                                              
5. Operating Temperature : 0°C~50°C
6. Power Supply: DC 6V(include), with adaptor

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