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KL-013 PH Meter,Portable PH MeterKL-013 PH Meter,Portable PH Meter

KL-013 PH Meter,Portable PH Meter

  • range:
  • 0.0-14.0 pH  
  • mv::0~±1990mV         
  • Temp: 0~100℃
  • accuracy:
  • PH :±0.01 Ph    
  • MV:  ±0.1F·S±1digit  
  • Temp:±0.4℃
  • Resolution:
  • PH :±0.01ph
  • Mv: 1mV   
  • Temp :0.1℃
  • temperature:
  • 0-50℃

Portable High Accuracy PH Meter  KL-013


KL-013 is a portable pH meter designed to be rugged  
and easy-to-use, yet be reliable and practical.   
It is ideal for education and for measurements in the field.   
Simple pH calibration is performed manually through 
2 trimmers.   
Measurements are automatically compensated for 
variations  in temperature.   
It shows the reading together with the current mode 
 (pH, mV or °C).

General Description

ph tester
The PH-013  PH meter has been specially designed for the maximum facility of use.
The hande key board for the selection of the various functions,The possibility of automatically correcting errors in measurement due to temperature and the extremesimplicity of regulation all serve to permit a rapid and reliable execution of calibration and measurement .
The display on the front panel reveals the temperature or PH or mV readings taken by the instrument with a PH electrode and a temperature electrode.

Front panel description

Here is a brief description of the functions performed by each of the key present on the keyboard.
ON/OFF:This is used for switching the instrument on and off.
Ph:This indicates on the display panel the PH value by the electrode.
mV:This indicates on the display panel the mV value by the electrode.
C:This indicates on the display panel the temperature value by the electrode,this is the value used by the circuit for the pH measurement compensation.
At the bottom of the instrument ,there are two trimmers are found for te regulation of the instrument.

Electrode connection and battery installation
The Ph electrode:
This is connected to the jack of the pH meter.
The temperature electrode:
This is connected to the jack on the right of the instrument .
Battery installation :
Open the cap of battery on the back of the instrument and instead of the old battery with new battery ,attention to the polarity of battery.

Ph calibration

1.Pour a small quantityof pH6.86 and pH4.01(or pH9.18) solution into two each clean beakers.
2.For a particularly calibration ,it is advised to use two beakers for each buffer solution,the first is to be used for rinsing the electrode,the second is to be used for the calibration .In this way ,the risks of contaminating the buffer solution are reduced to a minimum.
3.Switch on the instrument .
4.Press the pH key to display the pH measument .
5.Immerse the electrode in a pH6.86 buffer solution,and gently shake it.
6.Allow the reading to stabilize and with a small screwdriver ture the calibration trimmer at the bottom of the instrument until the display shows is corresponding the calibration solution.Rinse the electrode with distilled water.
7.Immerse the electrode in a pH4.01 or pH9.18 buffer solution,and gently shake it .

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