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ETB-0833 gloss testing equipmentETB-0833 gloss testing equipment

ETB-0833 gloss testing equipment

  • Measure range:  0-200GU
  • Stability: <±0.4 GU/30Min
  • Value error: <±1.2GU
  • Power: 1.5V
  • Projecting angle: 20°60°85°
  • Environment temperature: 0-40°C   
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 85% 
  • Standard panel dimension: 95×40mm

Gloss Meter ETB-0833

The technology parameter of Glossmeter is complete according with state standard GB9754-88,GB9966.5 and international standard ISO2813, all items of the performance meet the first class work requirements of state JJG696-2002 (Lens Luster Degree Instrument Measure Test Regulations) .

The surface luster measure for printing ink, paint, bake lacquer, coating and woodwork  
The surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: marble; granite; glass
chemical polishing brick and pottery brick 
The surface luster measure for plastic and sheet
The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials

Instrument Characteristics:
Fine, light stylish appearance, easy to carry
Completely intelligentized design, single key operation, convenient to use
 Automatic adjustment, no need to be hand adjustment 
Multi-angles, choose what you want
. Long life-span lamp- house, no need to change
. Precise measure, excellent repetition performance
. LCD digital display
. There is buzz sound during operation 
. Have electrical source pressure shortage indication function
. Turn off automatically 

Measure range:  0-200GU
Stability: <±0.4 GU/30Min
Value error: <±1.2GU
Power: 1.5V
Projecting angle: 20°60°85°
Environment temperature: 0-40°C  
Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
 Standard panel dimension: 95×40mm


Dimensions:145*38*79mm,Net weight:310g,Box:250*70*210mm,Gross weight:810g

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