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CLMG-7205  SpectroscopeCLMG-7205  Spectroscope

CLMG-7205 Spectroscope

  • Specifications:
  • Length : 56mm
  • Diameter : 17mm
  • Material : Aluminium (Durable)
  • Inside Instruction : Raster type
CLMG-7205  Spectroscope

CLMG-7205 is the longer and bigger version of our Small Diffraction Spectroscope (CLMG-7206) but shorter than our Big Prism Spectroscope (CLMG-7204) plus its body is made of aluiminun which makes it lighter. It also detects the absorption of spectra and it is use to view the colour of a gemstone, either by shining a light (pen-torch) through the stone into the spectroscope if the stone is transparent, or by viewing its reflected light if the stone is opaque. Inside is a pattern of lines that you must learn to recognize, it is a spectrum (rainbow) of which might be interrupted with black or white lines. Certainly another useful and best tool for gemmologists to use in detecting iron and chromium and for non-gemmolgis the 'diamond simulants' YAG and Cubic Zirconia give spectacular spectra and some Zircon. Other gemstones are more difficult to detect.

Spectroscopes allows you to analyze a loose or mounted stone's spectrum. They help distinguish naturally colored diamonds from those that have been irradiated and help to distinguish natural stones from synthetics by the stone's selective absorption of certain wavelengths.

Key Features:
Offers a year of warranty * HEAVY DUTY, PRECISE and LIGHT * The body is made of Aluminum with raster type internal instruction * Durable, reliable and made by professional craftsmen
Length : 56mm 
Diameter : 17mm 
Material : Aluminium (Durable) 
Inside Instruction : Raster type
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