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Walcom take part in the Network Competition

  • Author:Doreen
  • Release on :2013-10-31
After two months of fighting, Walcom Int'l Industry Ltd won the competition with the score of 38.34 in 28 companies.Our Key words gain No.3.This is the result of consistent efforts team, at the same time also prove that you will be rewarding at your hard working.

During the competition, under the guidance of Joe, we started a series of marketing work,such as Grain Moisture Meter, Electrical Instruments, on our website, press releases, link the chain and set up key words .Sometimes we may felt tired by these tedious work, but we still insist on, no matter how difficult, we tried to find time to task to complete our consistent goal.During these time, we also study SEO knowledge,adjust methods constantly and learn from each other to discuss between businesses to improve our work efficiency as well as to boost the volume of receipts and various kinds of progress.

This game has over but it`s only a stage performance, we believe that everyone got progress in this phase.The future is the world of the Internet, it has a long way to go, this competition just opened a window for us, if you want to see more beautiful scenery and want to have a great progress , Walcom Int'l Industry Ltd will continue to work hard, will keep the good habit all the time, it will become the indispensable part of our work, beginning to end. Sometimes you may want to give up then try to think of the reason why you want to start that you can stick it out!

Thank you very much for all the soldiers`painstaking effort in this competition , although there is only one winner, but please believe that "there is a successful way which is called decent and lose with dignity", to experience the hardships and fun is what we really enjoyed. All in Walcom grow up so quickly and learned a lot of SEO methods.It just a new starting point, we need to take action in our daily work what we have learned to increase our inquiry, finally to get more orders!