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TP101 MINI Digital Food Thermometer

  • Author:alice
  • Release on:2014-10-10
With the autumn coming,more and more people choose to barbecue as a outdoor dinner activities.They invite friends and family together to barbecue in the beautiful lakes or mountains.However,in the course of the barbecue food thermometer is essential.There is a portable thermocouple for reference.

1.  Temperature range :  :-50℃~+300℃(-58℉~572℉)                              
2.  Resolution : 0.1℃/℉                                                                          
3.  Power : supply :1.5v                                                                                     
4.  Memory of last measure                                                                           
5.  Low battery sensation and display                                                            
6.  15 minute autoshutdown for power saving ( option )                                      
7.  ℃ and ℉  display selectable  

TP101 MINI Digital Food Thermometer  is widely used to barbecue food, born achievemenst hot drinks etc, temperature control, baby milk, bath temperature measurement, and the refrigerator container, flowers and grass growing environment, laboratory project applies; temperature controlling etc.

TP101  is a portable food thermometer,which  is convenient for outdoor activities